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Level II, Level III Security Academy Lic# F04190301

Commissioned security officers are expected to have a strong sense of integrity, be highly aware of their surroundings and handle life-threatening situations. They are able to communicate clearly and demonstrate technical skills, including the knowledge of firearms, restraining devices, and security technologies. They must be strong physically, with the ability to remain standing for extended periods, and have valid driver's licenses, clear criminal backgrounds and the ability to pass drug screenings. 


Step 1: Meet Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Complete Security Officer Training

Step 3: Get a Security Officer License

Step 4: Complete Commissioned Security Officer Training

Step 5: Get a Commissioned Security Officer License

Step 6: Consider Getting Certification

Step 7: Maintain Your Licensure and Certification


Continuing Education Courses Lic# Y04190201

OC Courses

Baton Courses

Handcuffing Courses

Firearms Courses 

Tactical Courses 

Security Supervisor Courses

Security Patrol Courses

Report Writing Courses

Ethics Courses

Law Enforcement Law Updates

Security Law Updates

Active Shooter Courses

Situational Awareness Courses

Communications Skills

Fitness & Nutrition 

Investigative Skills

Leadership Courses

Problem Solving Courses

Use of Force 

Cultural Awareness 

Tourniquet Tactical Application 

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