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GTAS Online Beginner's Handgun Shooting Course

  • 20Days
Get a certificate by completing the program.

Exploring Firearms

GTAS offers an online Beginner’s handgun course. You will be able to learn about handguns from your smart device or computer all at your convenience and comfort. You will learn handgun safety, operation, and basic handgun shooting methods. This course will give you 20 days to complete all the lessons at your own pace. Upon completion of the online phase, you will have a course test to recap what you learned. Afterward, you will be responsible for contacting a GTAS staff member at to arrange your handgun qualifications at a local firearm range, which include applying what you learned from this online course. Upon completion of the GTAS Beginner's Handgun Shooting Course test, you will receive a certificate via email for step 1 of this course. Step 2 will involve contacting a GTAS instructor at or at (832) 827-3509 to schedule a qualification test. NOTE: *Be sure to read and digest all information and videos in this course due to the course test being based on this information.*




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