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Exploring Firearms

The Texas Department of Public Safety's Regulatory Services Division (RSD) holds a pivotal role in overseeing and regulating various industries within the state, including private security, driver education, and vehicle inspection Courses associated with the RSD are designed to educate individuals in these regulated fields, covering essential aspects such as laws, regulations, and best practices to ensure legal compliance and uphold public safety. Paying attention to these courses is crucial, not only for professional development but also for maintaining ethical conduct and adhering to industry standards. Additionally, completion of such courses and quizzes may be a prerequisite for license renewal, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and up-to-date in these dynamic and regulated sectors. Be sure to read and digest all information and videos in this course due to the course quiz being based on the reading materials and course videos from this course. Upon completion of this course, you will be responsible for contacting GTAS at to set up your handgun qualification. More information about the firearms qaulification is available upon completion of the online portion in the course. GTAS charges $108 per firearm qualification. NOTE: GTAS is only conducting the IN-PERSON FIREARM TRAINING portion of the PSP-31 certificate. ALL other mandatory training for renewal will be the student responsibility to locate other establishments to have the IN-PERSON CLASSROOM OR ONLINE TRAINING, and IN-PERSON SELF-DEFENSE TACTICS TRAINING completed. Upon completion of the firearms qualification, GTAS will issue the student their PSP-31 certificate with the IN-PERSON FIREARM TRAINING portion filled out ONLY.




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