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Online Active Shooter/ Threat Presentation

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Exploring Firearms

Hello, We hope you gain important knowledge from this course as well as change or gain more proactive ways to assist you in the event of an active shooter or threat situation. We hold each of our courses in high esteem, urging all participants to actively absorb and internalize this crucial material. To gauge your progress, an assessment in the form of a concluding test along with a course certificate upon completion will be administered via emailed to your registered email, so it's imperative to remain fully engaged throughout your studies. In the event you are not able to finish this course, the course will automatically save the last page you exited on. Upon signing in, the last page you stopped at will appear automatically. Thank you, and good luck. WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised throughout this course. Some videos are graphic in nature and pertain to actual events. Stay safe, *Read and digest all information and videos in this course due to the course test is based on the reading materials and course videos from this course.*




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